Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jars of Clay completes 1,000 Wells Project

Brazilian Christian Culture Blog PavaBlog just re-posted in Portuguese the Washington Post Article, about Jars of Clay completing the band's 1,000 Wells Project. The Blog's Brazilian followers have been responding enthusiastically on Twitter since the post came out yesterday, Saturday December 11th 2010.

My criticism here regarding those opining that Brazilian Christian bands should be showing the same altruistic spirit is that they are not really getting involved in accomplishing similar humanitarian objectives themselves. Instead, they are simply sitting comfortably in their houses, as admirers of the music and work of a band (and its supporters) that is actively helping people in Africa. Dan recently posted the following on Twitter:

"1,000 Wells Completion- anyone that helped in a campaign or dropped a dollar in a bucket or rode your bike across the US, etc.. you are the feet of the campaign. Thx for jumping in and telling this story with us, and congrats to you! Let's keep partnering with Africa."

As Dan pointed out, 1,000 Wells became a reality because people like you and me actually participated in the movement. Thus far, the vast majority of support for 1,000 Wells has come from communities in the USA. These supporters were people who went beyond simply congratulating Jars of Clay for their work, and actually participated WITH them in the mission. Brazilians criticizing bands and organizations for not taking action should be seriously ashamed of their hypocrisy.

For those genuinely interested in providing aid to communities in Africa, Blood:Water Mission invites everyone to participate. Brazil is already involved, through a small group of Jars fans online, and there is always room for more people.

So, Brazilian Twitter Users, stop trying to look good on Twitter and do something. Your words are empty if you fail to take action. Blood:Water Mission needs as much help as it can get. The work has just begun.


Jars of Clay Website
Blood:Water Mission

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